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ALGERNON CADWALLADER some kind of cadwallader CD

Image of ALGERNON CADWALLADER some kind of cadwallader CD


SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!! 3rd pressing coming sometime... please check the distro at for immediate available copies

The long awaited debut full length from Philly's local sweethearts is finally here! "Some kind of Cadwallader" is 10 new tracks of catchy, poppy, sing-a-long, punk rock indie jams! Constantly being compared to Chicago's music style, like bands Cap n' jazz and American Football, Algernon Cadwallader step it up a notch from their incredible 4 song demo by adding new layers of sounds and experimentations beneath their catchy songs. Listen closely for lots of new and fun instruments! They have evolved and created their own amazing sound of beauty. Clean, noodly and melodic guitars, tight ballsy ryhthym, and super catchy sung/yelled vocals round this out to be an absolutely beautiful record. "Some kind of Cadwallader" is the perfect soundtrack to a beautiful spring day! Pack your car, roll down the windows, pop in the CD, and have a scream/sing-a-long session with your friends! I guarantee this CD will not leave your stereo for a long time! It is so good you just need to hear it over and over and over and over.. Algernon Cadwallader have the most diverse listeners I have ever seen. People who listen to all types of different music like to stand up front at their shows and scream their heads off. Check these guys out, they are a fun time!!


FIRST PRESSING (april 25th 2008): 1096 CD's - SOLD OUT!

SECOND PRESSING (august 11th 2008): 1100 CD's - AVAILABLE

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Sold Out